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Hello! My name is

Brittany DeVall Heyden.

I am married to a rancher and have two beautiful girls. I love a strong cup of coffee, it's like therapy, and I'm always up for a glass of wine, a cabernet sauvignon of course! 

I have been a nurse for 20 years, but when my health began to decline, I started studying holistic nutrition and health and wellness. I realized how deeply I wanted to apply what I was learning and help others, so I returned to school to become a nurse practitioner with the goal of practicing functional medicine. 


My health journey began after years of struggling with a multitude of symptoms ranging from respiratory problems, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue, brain fog, migraines, and pain. I was declining physically and mentally and desperate to feel better.  Every time I went to my primary health care provider or a specialist I always walked away with medication to minimize the symptoms, but I never truly felt good! Finally, I decided I had to take control of my own life and health which lead me on a journey of healing my body from the inside out.

Over the course of several years, I learned that in order to really heal, I had to get to the root of my problems, not just mask the symptoms. On my search for answers, I uncovered environmental factors within my home that were contributing to my worsening respiratory problems. Debilitating arrhythmias ceased after cleansing my body of toxins and parasites.

However, even though I had made tremendous strides in feeling better, I still always had extreme fatigue, migraines, and constant pain, as well as many other ailments I had come to accept as "normal". Once I discovered the true root of my never-ending symptoms and removed the source, I could feel and see the difference in my body! 

After recovering and reclaiming my life, I made it my mission to help others find healing they never thought possible. 

I have a passion for functional medicine and unlocking the key to symptoms and disease! I help transform my client's lives by reducing inflammation that is causing chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint/muscle pain, IBS, anxiety and depression! I want you to be able to eat the foods you once enjoyed without pain and bloating or worrying about the proximity of the bathroom! I want you to have more energy so you can enjoy your family and friends! I want you to think clearly and have stable moods so you don't feel like you are going crazy!

I want you to feel alive again!!

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