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✅ The surprising reason why women feel exhausted, even if they eat a healthy diet, exercise, and get plenty of sleep


✅ The #1 thing most women don’t know that’s the key to naturally breaking the fatigue cycle  


✅ Why many doctors (both men and women) don’t understand the reason behind this kind of daily exhaustion and unknowingly keep women in never-ending cycles of fatigue


✅ 3 surprising discoveries I made about the underlying cause of daily fatigue (the 2nd one blew me away!)


About Brittany

Brittany Heyden spent 20 years working in healthcare as a nurse then went on to become a nurse practitioner.  Like many women, she powered through her daily fatigue … until it became so debilitating it impacted her family and jeopardized her career.  She didn’t get any help (or understanding) from doctors. Then through a strange twist of fate, Brittany discovered the surprising cause of her fatigue.  Better yet, she found out how to fix it. 

Since then, her Fatigue Fixx Formula has helped hundreds of women finally get relief … and get back to enjoying their lives again.  


This training is for women who want a natural way to wake up feeling well-rested, mentally alert, and full of energy!

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